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The Workshops of Le Haut Repaire

A collaboration of Artists and Genuine Artisans working together to create products and services of the highest quality. 

Situated on a picturesque limestone outcrop on the frontier where the Dordogne meets the Correze, Les Ateliers du Haut Repaire is made up of an ever-expanding team of Artists, Woodworkers, Designers and Craftsmen who care deeply about the quality of the services they supply. Whenever you deal with us, rest assured that we are committed to creating products that stand up to the harshest test of all, the test of time. When we create, we do it with one eye on the past, and the other on the future. We draw inspiration from our predecessors to ensure we leave behind something of beauty and quality. 

Contact Us

Le Haut Repaire, Coubjours, 24390

Tel: +33 6 64 32 97 99 (Also on WhatsApp)

Thank you for your enquiry

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